Apocalypse Wow

The Case For Domination

Many fear that AI will destroy civilization. The story goes like this: foolish hackers create a sentient general intelligence, able to solve any problem at superhuman levels. This generalized AI commands its own alien mind and agenda, untethered to human interests. As a result the AI achieves total dominance. The End.

Intelligence Is Not Technology

We are an intelligent species, but that is hardly unique in the natural world. Intelligence has evolved countless times. A number of modern species are notable for their wits, including many primates, cetaceans and so on. Nor is cleverness confined to mammals, as any parrot can teach you. Even some lowly invertebrates, such as the octopus, show surprisingly intelligent behavior.

You Should Be Scared of Some Shadows

Great, so AI is part of our historic arc and will usher in a new age as profound as the taming of fire. That sounds nice.

Apocalypse With Benefits (AWB)

To recap: humans build technology. That has remade both this planet and ourselves, but at fatal cost. Our ecosystems are crashing, our climate is shifting and existential social and technological threats are proliferating. The trend is not in our favor and we have demonstrated a singular lack of ability to reverse it.



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